St George Area Attractions

St. George, Utah, is located in the southwest corner of the state, just six miles from the Arizona State line on Interstate I-15 and approximately 120 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. St. George is within a one hour drive of the picturesque Zion National Park and a few hours from Bryce National Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Snow Canyon State Park provides a breath taking view just minutes outside of St. George.

The area is endowed with mild, low humidity winters with over 300 sunny days per year. Our desert climate promotes year round recreation and leisure activities. St George is know as the “year ‘Round Golf Capital of Utah” and offers ten great, scenic golf courses. Coupled with the area’s pioneer historic district, the Johnson Dinosaur Tracks, and other attractions, St. George is a fantastic place to vacation.

St. George Historic District

Soon after the pioneers entered the valley of the Great Salt Lake, Mormon leader Brigham Young began sending leaders out to explore the vast reaches of what was to become the Utah territory. In the late 1850’s one such leader was Jacob Hamblin who helped to establish a new community along the banks of the Santa Clara River near what is now St. George, Utah. Early settlers to this area built homes made of Adobe and wood. Eventually Brigham Young himself began to spend his winters in St. George. His home is now open every day for tours. One of the first buildings constructed was the Tabernacle building (seen here) which continues to serve today as a gathering place for many events and performances. The first Mormon Temple west of the Mississippi was constructed in St. George. Even Jacob Hamblin’s home still exists and is also open for tours on a daily basis. The historic district of St. George is just one of the things you’ll enjoy about this area of southern Utah.

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

This once in a lifetime experience is something you will not soon forget. Nestled in the heart of Southern Utah, the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum brings the wonders of the planets greatest animals in their natural habitat to you. Featuring over 25,000 sq. ft. allowing visitors to experience over 300 species of wildlife throughout the world in their natural habitat. Nearly a quarter mile of mountain pathway (suitable for handicap access) winds its way through the plains of Africa, the forests of North America, and the mountains of Asia. A two story mountain with two live waterfalls, over 50 hidden speakers providing ambient sounds of different animals, periodic thunder and lightning storms, provide an experience to be remembered. Their exotic bug collection will leave you in awe of all the unimaginable creatures of the world. There is an Interactive Kids Room featuring a full-size tree house, reading nook, puzzles, not to mention a dozen exotic animals to touch, animal pelts to feel, and antlers.

Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site

At first sight Dr. Johnson thought that the dinosaur was imbedded in the rock and only it’s foot was exposed. The tracks were found on the underside of the bedrock. Instead of an imprint, the track was in the form of a cast. He then proceeded to turn over another slab of rock and noticed an imprint in the sand beneath the cast in the rock. The track casts turned out to be over two hundred million years old and were made by dinosaurs stepping in 8 inches of moist clay. The footprints left in the clay were eventually filled in with sand, which in time turned into the rock that we now see. When the stones are turned upside down we see the underside of a dinosaur’s footprint.

Snow Canyon State Park (10 miles)

Located North of St. George, just off Highway 18, Snow Canyon is a jumble of white and red Navajo sandstone with black lava beds poured over the cliffs in jagged formations. Its beauty makes photography, hiking, biking, and site seeing an exciting place to visit. Early spring and fall use of the park is especially appealing due to southern Utah’s moderate winter climate. Of special interest are the 3/4 mile walk to Johnson’s Arch, the lava caves near the north end of the park, and the two volcanic cones found near the head of the canyon.

Zion National Park (46 miles)

Open year-round, Zion is readily accessible on Highway 9 from I-15. Zion is a canyon of brilliant green set against a backdrop of sheer red cliffs, with an occasional lacy waterfall fanning out from the rock. Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes because trails such as Weeping Rock, Emerald Pools, Canyon Overlooks and Gateway to the Narrows are easy strolls. The beauty of Zion is so striking, that it can easily become your favorite vacation stop.

Bryce Canyon National Park (125 miles)

A fantasy of colorful spires and cliffs, Bryce Canyon simply amazes people. It is a perfect, rosy jewel of a canyon that can snare the visitor and make you want to stay to look just a little longer at all its shifting shades of red and pink. The spectacular Bryce Canyon is nature at its best and a must see for visitors to Southern Utah.

Grand Canyon National Park (169 miles)

Don’t miss one of the world’s natural wonders. It is up to 1 mile (1.6km) deep, 4-18 miles (6-29km) wide, and more than 277 miles (445km) long. Seeing the Grand Canyon North Rim is so amazing and so panoramic in that it is well worth the time to get there. It is one of the nation’s most visited national parks.